What are regional associations of grantmakers?

Regional associations of grantmakers promote the growth and effectiveness of philanthropy to improve life in their communities. They accomplish this by:

  1. Delivering educational programming and resources that strengthens the effectiveness of grantmakers to meet community and global needs;
  2. Providing networking opportunities among grantmakers and between grantmakers and grantseekers;
  3. Serving as an information resource about all forms of philanthropy for donors, their advisors, the media, and the general public;
  4. Communicating the value of philanthropy to local, state and national policymakers and the media;
  5. Sustaining and supporting grantmakers, to include all sizes and types, and to aspire to represent the majority of endowed philanthropic assets in its service area.

Each regional association of grantmakers serves a specific geographic area. These areas vary in size; some are focused on serving a single metropolitan area, while others may serve an area that spans several states. Our members represent more than 4,000 foundations, corporations, organizations, and individual donors across the United States.